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Be Divine Asia
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Be Divine is an organization that created a platform to refine women from the inside out. At Be Divine, we believe that women of the 21st century play an integral part in leading their families and communities towards personal and economic growth. We provide a series of trainings geared towards refinement in women, to inspire women to be their balanced and wholesome selves, and to make a difference in their homes, as well as out in the world.

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Women empowerment programme

The Successful and Refined Manager (2 days)

A successful manager is someone who leads by being an extraordinary example. Not only are they skillful in their everyday tasks, they are also able to show and demonstrate perfect manners under any circumstances, and empower their subordinates to learn and to grow. This course is specifically adapted to the executive level, but can be adjusted upon request.

SHINE Course - The Guidance for an Elegant and Brilliant Lady (3 days)

Women are meant to be beautiful, elegant, and radiant, every single day. During the three day program. Students will learn high society dining etiquette, elite dress codes, makeup, and much more, to refine the modern day woman to be her most beautiful self at every waking moment. As a woman radiates beauty from within, her actions will mirror her feminine grace.

Excellent Salesman Training (3 days)

Being an excellent salesman demands a deep understanding of implicit behavioral codes that are culturally related. The way a salesman carries himself and presents his ideas has a huge impact on the sales that he generates. Through this course, a salesman will learn what to do during the first encounter at a social or business event, as well as client relations and public speaking, among many others.

Excellent Butler and Hotelier (5 days)

Imagine elegant mannerisms and poise around the clock, and a butler or hotelier will walk into the mind’s eye. Students will learn the components of providing top quality service through practical exercises and interactive workshops, including but not limited to lessons on deportment, grooming, and handling difficult situations.

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